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What is burlesque style?

Burlesque style is all about attitude. Its about sassiness and seduction about being comfortable with your sexuality. Its about accentuating your curves and celebrating the female form.
One of the best examples of burlesque style is Dita von Teese.


There isn’t one distinct burlesque way to dress. Burlesque performers at the turn of the 20th century wore layers of petticoats, skirts and corsets with a myriad assortment of lace trim. Nowadays there tend to be less petticoats but corsets , hats, gloves and stockings are all popular.

When dressing burlesque you can go for a raunchy look with a corsets and nipple tassels and or suspenders and his heels or you can opt for a more demure 1940s pin up look that accentuates the curves but leaves more to the imagination.

Try wearing a hat, or a feather boa……

Burlesque is many things – sexiness, vintage, curves, pin up girls, striptease – but above all its fun!

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Burlesque Costume Ideas For Men

Dressing burlesque is easy for a woman, but for men its harder. Here are some ideas for men to wear if you are attending a burlesque club.

Our advice is to ditch the t shirts, jeans and trainers and think dapper 40’s, 5o’s or Victorian gentlemen.

Think top hats, bowler hats, canes, waistcoats, braces and zoot suits.

Try a top hat and tailcoat with a frilly cravat. Or for a slightly more low-key affair just a normal dinner suit with waistcoat and perhaps a small cane and scarf. Or trilby, shirt, tie and braces.

A good place to source burlesque clothes is a fancy dress outfitter.


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Cam Gigandet in Screen Gems’ BURLESQUE.

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What is Burlesque Clothing?

Dita Von Teese feathers burlesque

Burlesque style is all about sexy sophistication. It is about tease and seduction. To dress burlesque is to dress like a lady – a lady with a naughty side! Burlesque is about stockings, corsets, high heels, feather boas, satin gloves, vintage clothes and old fashioned glamour.

We are always being asked for tips and recommendations so below are some of our favourite places for burlesque wear, clothes and accessories.



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How to Put on a Corset


London burlesque artiste Slinky Sparkles knows a thing or two about corsets. Here she shows you the correct way to put on an underbust corset, and then get out of it again!