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Vintage Burlesque: Sandra Storm

The one and only Sandra Storm. Sandra was a stripper from the 40s and 50s with a sometimes manic style of dance, Storm had an inate ability to bring a certain air of naivete to her sassy performances.

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Sally Rand Fan dance – Vintage Striptease

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The star of Chicagos 1933 Century of Progress worlds fair burlesque dancer Sally Rand. In this 1930s vintage clip she swilrs and twirls as she slinks around the stage. Taunting and teasing but never fully revealing.

Vintage Burlesque: Jennie Lee

Jennie Lee was known thanks to her incredible bust as “The Bazoom Girl”. Lee performed her classic burlesque routine for over 30 years. “I had a natural rhythm and a nonchalant way of working – a smile and a little bounce,” she said when had retired “I was always sexy, but never vulgar.”

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