Burlesque Costume Ideas For Men

man costume

Burlesque Costume Ideas For Men

Dressing burlesque is easy for a woman, but for men its harder. Here are some ideas for men to wear if you are attending a burlesque club.

Our advice is to ditch the t shirts, jeans and trainers and think dapper 40’s, 5o’s or Victorian gentlemen.

Think top hats, bowler hats, canes, waistcoats, braces and zoot suits.

Try a top hat and tailcoat with a frilly cravat. Or for a slightly more low-key affair just a normal dinner suit with waistcoat and perhaps a small cane and scarf. Or trilby, shirt, tie and braces.

A good place to source burlesque clothes is a fancy dress outfitter.


men costume

Cam Gigandet in Screen Gems’ BURLESQUE.

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