Burlesque Music

burlesque music

Burlesque Music

There are many songs you can strip to but here are some sassy songs and compilations that go all the way back to the golden era of ragtime, striptease and can can dancers.

For 20s 30s style
Swing is the thing!
get some Swing Cds. Such as Swing! The Ultimate Big Band Album

For 40’s 50’s style
It’s Big Band
– try the compilation album Striptease – take it off! Shiva’s Regal, For Strippers Only, and Lonely Little G-string which are all on the compilation are particularly good.
– or 50 Big Band Classics
or The Ultimate Big Band Theme Collection

For Sleazy 50’s and 60’s bump n grind and go-going
– try the Las Vegas Grind grind volumes.


Below are some other songs that are used in burlesque routines.

“Taki Rari” – Yma Sumac Listen/Download

“I Want to Be Evil.”- Eartha Kitt Listen / Download

“Sugar in my bowl” – Bessie Smith
Innocent but also very risque!


Contemporary Burlesque Music

For a more contemporary feel, these songs are suitable music to strip to.

“Nasty Naughty Boy” by Cristina Aguilera
“Fever (live)” by Michael Buble
“You Know I’m No Good” by Amy Winehouse
“Lady Marmalade” from Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
“Erotica” by Madonna
“Feeling Good.”by Michael Buble
“Lick “by Joi
“Ooops (Oh My)” by Tweet and Missy Elliot
“I’m A Slave for You” by Britney